The Ultimate Vegan Guide for Paris

From patisseries, boulangeries, and restaurants, to grocery stores, concept shops, and festivals, this article has is ALL for vegans in Paris!

The Ultimate Vegan Guide for Paris -- Discover the best vegan restaurants, shops, festivals, bakeries and more in the city of love! #travel #vegan #paris #restaurants #food #france | mindfulavocado

Whether you are a full-fledged vegan or just looking for a little meat and dairy break on vacation, this guide is for you. I wrote about my first week in Paris, but I got to spend two months in Paris and I have to admit, was blown away with the vegan scene in France!

This guide covers vegan-friendly bakeries and restaurants as well as grocery store gems to keep your vegan heart happy! If you are interested in seeing what else I did in Paris, be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my story highlight!

Grocery Stores in Paris:

Okay, so this one might not apply to you if you are visiting Paris on a short trip but if you are planning an extended stay and renting an Air Bnb or hotel with a kitchen, I recommended doing some cooking. Not only will this save money, but the ingredients are fresh and it’s healthier! Gotta balance out the pastry eating you’ll be doing right?!

grocery shopping in paris, france. franprix, monoprix, carrefour, and naturlia

  1. Carrefour/Franprix/Monoprix: I lumped all these ones together because they are the most common grocery store chains in Paris. While they have food of all sorts, almost anywhere you go in Paris one of these will be accessible.

Note: Monoprix is like a Target so if you decide to go in, don’t be surprised if you leave with a half the store!

  1. Naturlia: Another chain in Paris but carries all healthy foods. Think Whole Foods on a much smaller scale. You can find lots of vegan, organic, and gluten-free French favorites in this store. My favorite was the vegan Nutella and chocolate bars. They even have a good selection of cruelty-free beauty supplies! I stocked up on their brand of micellar water.
  2. Cœur de Nature (meaning heart of nature): This chain in Paris is larger than Naturlia and has a big bulk section. So if you are looking to pick up grains, nuts, granola, or anything of that sort, this is your place!
  3. Un Monde Vegan: An entirely vegan grocery store. Like whatttt?! Never come across that in the States! Located in the 3rd arrondissement close to Republique station

avocados in grocery store in paris, france

A cornucopia of avocados!!!! Picture from Carrefour

Overall tips:

    • Grocery stores in Paris always note on the produce label where the fruit or vegetable is sourced from! So if eating locally is important to you, this comes in handy.
    • Most grocery stores make you weigh your produce and print out a label prior to paying. I learned this the hard (and embarrassing) way.
    • Markets have short hours or are closed entirely on Sundays! This was tough as in the States I try to do my shopping on a Sunday.
    • Even if a supermarket sells bread, always go to a bakery for a fresh baguette. 100% worth it!
    • Organic food is labeled “bio” in France. Keep an eye out for that label. It’s a similar stamp to the GMO one here in the U.S.

AB bio logo is the symbol for organic food in france

Source: Wikipedia

Vegan Restaurants in Paris:

One doesn’t travel to NOT try all the food! I made a lot of my meals at home, but I did take some time to check out the vegan food scene. Here’s the good (and some bad) for what Paris had to offer.

Hank Burger – entirely vegan burger joint

hank burger is a vegan restaurant in paris, france

There are two locations in the city  (and one in Lyon) but it’s a 100% vegan burger spot. They offer different toppings and their passion to make vegan food taste comforting really stands out. More of a casual, laid-back vibe and perfect for both lunch or dinner. With two locations, you’re bound to bump into one.

Paradis Marguette – a charming vegan restaurant in a prime location

paradis marguette is a vegetarian restaurant in paris, france with vegan options

Located right on the Seine, the location is almost as much of a dream as the menu. The menu is small and simple but the food is fantastic. It is an all vegetarian restaurant, but they have a lot of vegan options. Not super busy either which is nice to escape some of the crowds for dinner.

Hank Pizza – Yes, Hank Burger has a sister and she’s an all vegan pizza spot

There’s only one location in Paris, and it’s located near the Pablo Picasso Museum (which I highly recommend!) They serve up four different types of pizza and, yes, I tried all of them in the course of my visit. Super delicious and perfect for a quick, cheap bite to eat.

hank pizza in paris, france. an entirely vegan restaurant

La Touriste pizza shown

Wild & Moon – A healthy breakfast eatery

interior of wild and moon - a healthy restaurant in paris, france

After eating my way through pastries all around the city, my body was craving some clean, healthy food. Wild & Moon fits the bill. Filled with plants, the ambiance is very casual, bohemiam, and inviting. Wild & Moon serves up fresh juices, smoothies, and even some healthy salads for on-the-go.

granola bowl and iced chai latte from wild and moon - a vegan breakfast and lunch spot in paris, france

homemade granola bowl with a vegan chai iced latte – yum!!

VG Pâtisserie – Where all your French pastry dreams will come true

VG patisserie package in front of store. a vegan pastry shop in paris, france

We all go to Paris for the romance and Eiffel Tower, but we stay for the pastries. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find pastries that are plant-based. Although I’m vegetarian, I wanted to scope out the vegan pastry scene to see what type of game Paris was bringing. This place creates the most intricate, delicious vegan pastries I’ve ever seen. They even serve up petit dejeuner (breakfast) which is a vegan croissant, coffee, and fresh orange juice.

interior of VG Patisserie - an all vegan bakery in paris, france

VG Patisserie - an all vegan pastry shop in paris, france

They even have a cookbook (which I had to buy!)

Vegan Folies – A vegan bakery you can definitely pass on

I wanted to write wonderful things about each place, mostly because I wanted to love everything I ate. But this place was a disappointment. The ambiance is poor, the prices are high, and the desserts were meh. It lacked the passion I crave in vegan food and I did not leave feeling satisfied.

Tien Hiang – Vegetarian Asian place that will blow your mind

Tien huing is a vegetarian Asian restaurant in Paris, France

This place I literally stumbled upon. And sometimes that’s the best way to discover a place. I was having coffee at Radiodays and I wanted something for lunch. It’s like the vegan universe put this place in my lap and I’m not the least bit upset!

I ordered cashew “chicken” with hot and sour soup and lychees for dessert. It’s a shame I discovered this place so late in my trip or I could have been back more. But well done, Tien Hiang!

L’as Du Falafel – Falafel that will change your life!

l'as du falafel in paris, france

This place is crazy popular so be prepared for some crowds. But don’t let that steer you away because if you order from the counter, it goes by super fast. The pita is beyond fluffy, perfectly crispy falafel, roasted eggplant, and veggies all smothered in a tahini sauce and an optional spicy sauce for some heat (which I love!)

Seriously, this is a MUST TRY in Paris!

falafel pita wrap from l'as du falafel in paris, france

BONUS: PUR – A cute lunch eatery in Versailles

pur - a healthy lunch restaurant near palace of versailles in france

Most people take a day trip to Versailles when in Paris and this eatery is the perfect lunch spot. It’s not 100% vegan, but they have plenty of options and for one euro, you can purchase the glass container it is served in. The idea is to bring it back next time and get a discount on your food, but it makes a handy souvenir if you ask me!

pur - a vegetarian friendly restaurant in versailles, france near the palace

pur - a vegan friendly restaurant in versailles, france

Paname Brewery – THE spot if you are in need of a good craft beer on the water

paname brewery in paris, france

Okay, so I didn’t eat a meal here even though they have some vegetarian and vegan options, but I wanted to comment on it strictly for their delicious craft beer and amazing location.

paname brewery in paris, france

perfect for a warm day or to relax after a full day of playing tourist!

Starbucks – no, this is not a joke.

I know, I know, this is not French WHATSOEVER but hear me out! In Paris, it’s very hard to find ice coffee, let alone spots that carry plant milk (almond, soy, coconut, etc). I would go to Starbucks to get my cold brew fix and a proper vegan coffee! I hope this changes soon, but as of now, it is not super common for cafés to carry vegan creamers!

Plus, they had cool chocolate coins there. I really don’t know why! lol.

gold coin from starbucks in paris, france

Other Vegan finds in Paris:

Lookout for vegan pop-ups

vegan desserts from festival in paris, france

Just in the short while I was in Paris, there were a few vegan festivals going on. I checked out the Vegan Pop Up Smmmile Festival in the 19th arrondissement and it was pretty cool. Local food vendors were sampling out their food, restaurants were serving vegan eats, and there was even vegan-friendly clothing pop up shops. It’s crazy to see the progress the vegan movement is making in communities.

girl standing in front of vegan sign at smmmile festive in paris, france

girl eating vegan cake

Aujoud’hui Demain – Vegan Concept Shop

aujoudhui demain store front. a vegan concept shop in paris, france

So unlike a pop-up festival, this concept shop is open all year round. It’s a little vegan café serving breakfast and brunch, a spot to get a coffee and get some work done, a little vegan grocery store, and a section to shop for vegan clothing and goods. It’s really your one-stop shop – all vegan!

aujourdhui demain is a vegan concept shop in paris, france

Interested in cooking? Grab a vegan cookbook at Librairie Gourmande!

librairie gourmande - a cookbook bookstore in paris, france

Yes! Paris has a cookbook bookstore! Whether you are on the hunt for a vegan cookbook, or a gift for the foodie in your life, this store is a must-see for foodies.

I purchased the VG Pâtisterrie cookbook so I can recreate some vegan desserts at home! If only I brought home a translator too, right?! 😉

librairie gourmande in paris, france

Phew! That’s everything vegan! I hope you got some ideas for vegan restaurants in Paris as well as grocery stores, and shops for some vegan goods.

Have you been to Paris? What are some of your vegan favorites?

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