hey, i’m amanda

I’m the Jill of all trades behind the Mindful Avocado. I’m a trained graphic designer and I’m a self-taught blogger, food photographer, videographer, writer, vegetarian cook, novice hand model – whatever title you want to give me, I’m cool with it.
I’m 90% vegan and 10% vegetarian so this blog reflects that. If I ever have a vegetarian recipe though, I always like to include vegan substitutes.


This is my blog expressing my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Like most people, I was raised on a standard “meat and potatoes” diet. My mom is Italian and my dad is a grill master, so eating meat was a part of my upbringing. I also ate a lot of processed foods throughout my life so it wasn’t very healthy. I never necessarily felt “unhealthy” but I never felt healthy either. So I explored the world of clean eating and it’s easy to say I’m never looking back! At this point, I made a mini vow to myself. I need to start caring about what I put in my body and how to care for the planet while doing so. I realize this is what makes me happy and this is how I want to live my life.

Fast forward to today, I slowly lost the craving for meat and fish and organically removed it from my diet. I’m now 100% vegetarian. My philosophy is to cook vegan and create plant-based recipes as much as possible; however, I can let my restrictions relax a bit when I am with good company. With anything, it’s about balance and moderation. Who’s to say if I’ll ever rid out dairy for good –this is my journey and the moment I’m at right now. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown, and I hope you are proud of yourself for exploring a healthier lifestyle. I mean, that is how you stumbled upon my page, amiright??


My mission with my blog is to introduce some healthier habits in your lifestyle. If everyone could make a small change in their life I do believe we can help the planet and our health. Small steps lead to mighty changes my friends. 

Maybe you’re new to veganism or just looking for some meat-free recipes to bring Meatless Monday into your life. I try to explain things in my recipe so you’re not at a loss on any ingredients!

This blog is intended to share easy to make, plant-based recipes and showcase seasonal produce when possible.

So here’s to embracing your relationship with food – where ever on that journey you may be. Feed your soul to celebrate life, and feed the body to sustain vitality. Live the life you love all while being mindful about your food choices.


  • I’m originally from Connecticut (forever a New England gal!) and made the brave move to the West Coast in 2014. I lived in the Bay Area for 4 years before making the Pacific Northwest my home for the time being (Portland, OR to be specific).
  • I LOVE DIY projects. From making plant stands, to crocheting poufs (yes I’ve done both of those things) I love getting cray
  • Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been to over 10 countries and I love learning about new cultures and trying all the vegetarian fare!
  • One of my favorite things to do when traveling in the US is finding fancy coffee shops. From San Diego to New Orleans, and everything in between, I can point you to some awesome places!
  • I live here with my cat and I’m also a plant mom (you can see why Portland is fitting!).
  • I like almost all fruits and veggies except for beets and papaya!
  • Spin classes are my favorite types of workouts (I totally get the Soul Cycle hype!)
  • I love HGTV shows and it’s a life goal of mine to restore and old house.
  • I’m a major Dave Matthews Band fan and have been to over a dozen concerts!
  • I get goosebumps every time I hear the beginning of “Circle of Life” from Lion King. Take me to see if on Broadway, and I get tears! (90s girl forever)




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