vegan tofu scramble tacos on white background

Tofu Scramble Tacos {Great for Breakfast!}

Tofu scramble is a common vegan breakfast recipe because it makes a great substitute for egg scramble. Add some veggies and wrap it in a little tortilla and you got yourself a vegan breakfast taco. If you dig my style, load up on all the avocado and salsa for pure indulgence. See it is possible (and healthy) to eat tacos all day every day and these tofu scramble tacos.

vegan tofu scramble tacos with avocado and salsa

Are tacos one of those foods you could literally eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Well, you and I both. I mean, there’s even a taco cleanse cookbook out there where you literally eat tacos all day, every day and lose weight

So you and I cannot be the only taco lovers out there.

vegan avocado tacos on board with lime, flour tortillas, and chipotle sauce

Vegan Avocado Tacos with Chipotle Crema

Breaded and baked avocado wedges in a flour tortilla is like vegan taco heaven! Paired with veggies and a chipotle crema, this taco recipe is mouth-watering!

vegan avocado tacos on board with lime, flour tortillas, and chipotle sauce

It’s taco time!

Everyone’s favorite time. At least it’s mine.

Tacos are basically the universal food love language.

But these avocado tacos, oh girl, they are like the ultimate vegan taco recipe. Here’s why:

  • “Breaded” and baked avocado wedges
  • Crunchy cabbage (totally balances the soft avocado)
  • Chipotle “crema” this sauce is vegan and crazy addicting!

The avocado wedges are actually gluten-free, keto, and Whole30 so depending on what you pair with them, you can create a taco recipe that fits your lifestyle!

vegan jackfruit pulled pork tacos on wooden board with lime wedge and pickled red onions

Jackfruit Pulled Pork Tacos

These jackfruit pulled pork tacos are PERFECT for a vegan dinner recipe. Get ahold of some canned jackfruit for a plant based “pulled pork”. Add some purple cabbage, pickled red onions, avocado, and cilantro for a colorful, healthy meal.