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Food Photography Backgrounds for All Budgets

There are all kinds of ways to use backgrounds in food photography. Here, I list some of my personal favorite solutions to fit any type of budget!

Food photography is one of my favorite passions. But we all know getting into food photography is expensive. I still firmly believe it’s not the equipment that makes a great photo, but the photographer. This list is full of photography background options for all budgets.

Best Apps for Food Photography -- This article is all you need to take professional, mouthwatering food photos! Check out my favorite phone apps and how I use each one to edit photos on the go! #photography #iphone #android #foodphotography #phonephotography | mindfulavocado

Best Apps for Food Photography

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, taking food photos and editing them through your smartphone has never been more of a breeze! Edit photos to look professional with these apps for food photography.

Best photo editing apps for food

My Food Photography Equipment - A list of all the photography essentials I use to take mouth-watering photos! This list is great for beginner to intermediate photographers. #photography #foodphotography #dslr #nikon #foodphoto | mindfulavocado

My Food Photography Equipment

So let me guess. You’re here because you love to cook and now you want your photos to be stunning.

Food photography equipment is slightly different than portrait or landscape photography because the subjects are all so different. Whether you’re a professional or a food photography newbie, this list is a great start for diving into taking delicious food photos!

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my food photography equipment - list of all the equipment i use to take food photos