how to make mimosas plus 4 recipes

The BEST Mimosa Recipe (Plus 4 Variations!)

Mimosas are the best brunch companion! Learn what makes a mimosa recipe and 4 delicious flavors to change things up when making the perfect mimosa!

What is a mimosa?

A classic mimosa recipe is 1 part orange juice to 1 part champagne. But there are lots of things that separate a mediocre mimosa to a fantastic one.

  • Make sure the champagne is chilled before serving as well. No one likes a room temperature mimosa.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice. This tastes the best and really makes a mimosa stand out. Just make sure it is chilled before serving.

Don’t have patience or time for fresh squeezed orange juice? No problem! Buy orange juice that contains pulp. This will be closest to fresh squeezed.

overhead lavender lemonade mimosas

Lavender Lemonade Mimosa Recipe

Aromatic lavender paired with lemonade and champagne is a match made in heaven! This boozy drink is perfect for any brunch occasion. Great for Summer, this lavender lemonade mimosa is a must try beverage!

I’ll let you in on a little secret (or not so secret) mimosas are super easy to make.

Shocker, right?

They are basically just champagne and juice.

But what about if we want to liven up the traditional orange juice and champagne combo? That’s when I introduce to you a lavender lemonade mimosa.

Turmeric Latte {Vegan!}

“Golden milk” as some call it, this creamy yet healthy elixir is a must try! Coconut milk, turmeric, warm spices, and sweetener are all you need to make this vegan frothy beverage.

turmeric latte with rose petals on a wood board

I might be late on the trend, but I’m into it. It’s not new news that turmeric packs amazing health benefits. But putting it into a latte has never crossed my mind. I mean even Starbucks hopped in on the trend so it must be worth the hype right?

The answer is yes.

activated charcoal lemonade made with lemon juice, charcoal powder, and maple syrup. garnished with fresh lemons

Super Easy Charcoal Lemonade!

This activated charcoal recipe only requires 3 ingredients! So easy to make and the perfect addition to a juice cleanse. #healthy #detox #vegan #plantbased #charcoallemonade #activatedcharcoal #juicing #cleanse | Mindful Avocado
Charcoal lemonade made with activated charcoal powder, fresh lemon juice, and maple syrup. Get a taste of Summer with this healthy and detoxing recipe! #healthy #detox #vegan #plantbased #charcoallemonade #activatedcharcoal #juicing #cleanse | Mindful Avocado

When life hands you lemons, just add some activated charcoal and make lemonade! Charcoal lemonade is the PERFECT way to stay hydrated, detox, and get a taste of Summer all in one sip. Activated charcoal, fresh lemons, and maple syrup make this charcoal lemonade deliciously good.

activated charcoal lemonade made with lemon juice, charcoal powder, and maple syrup. garnished with fresh lemons

Charcoal lemonade might look weird (or super cool) depending on how you look at it, but it’s packed with some crazy detox powers.

Lemons and maple syrup are a metabolism boosting combo and when charcoal is added to the mix, it becomes a really healthy (and delicious) beverage! I swear this stuff tastes JUST LIKE regular lemonade.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is NOT the charcoal you use for grills. It’s charcoal that has been heated at high temperates to make it more digestible. It’s gaining popularity for natural skincare, but it can have the same detoxing benefits for your body as your skin!

It can come in a capsule or powdered form. I like the powdered form, but make sure to measure it and not just “eyeball”!

rose mimosa with grapefruit juice on marble counter with flowers

Rosé Grapefruit Mimosa

This grapefruit rose mimosa recipe will take your brunch to the next level! Rosé and grapefruit combined to make the beautiful pink drink. Perfect for bridal showers or baby showers! #brunch #spring #cocktail #mimosa - mindfulavocadoGrapefruit mimosas make with rose instead of champagne! So easy to make and the perfect drink recipe for brunch! #brunch #spring #cocktail #mimosa - mindfulavocado

Calling all my champagne lovers! This blush drink has stolen my heart. Mimosas made with rosé champagne and grapefruit juice are so delicious and result in a stunning pink hue. Perfect for all types of brunches, you need to get your hands on this rosé grapefruit mimosa recipe. Cheers!

rose grapefruit mimosa with grapefruit slices on a marble counter

Mimosas are the simplest mixed drinks and they are great for any occasion. Mix champagne and juice (usually orange juice) and you have yourself a mimosa! But what makes mimosas so great are the flavor combos are virtually endless.

What sparked my idea for this grapefruit mimosa recipe was a celebratory one.

My amazing friends bought me this bottle of rosé after making the top 100 plant-based blogs list! This is a huge accomplishment for me because I’ve built this baby from the ground up and I love that I’m making an impact in the plant-based community! So what better way to use this rosé than make a recipe for my blog?!

Okay, back to mimosas, because that’s why you’re here right?