Food Photography Composition: Rule of Thirds -- Learn about the basic photography composition concept - rule of thirds - and how it is useful for food photography! #nikon #canon #foodphotography #tips #resources | mindfulavocado

Food Photography Composition: Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds – a very elementary photography composition concept. Let’s talk about what it is and how this applies to food photography!

What is the rule of thirds?

Rule of thirds is dividing a photo into 9 squares. 3 across and 3 down. With this grid, you can use it to build a compelling composition.

Rule of thirds helps create balance and intentionally draw the viewer’s eye to certain points of a photo.

Note: If you’ve never heard of this concept let alone applied it, chances are you’re already using it! This is most natural to the human eye which is why it’s such a desirable photography technique!

Can’t envision 9 squares when taking a photo? Cameras have a setting so you can apply this grid on your viewfinder.

How to apply grid settings on your DSLR camera

Each camera is slightly different (real convenient, right?) but it’s in the menu settings on your camera. A quick Google research of your camera make and model + “grid settings” or “guidelines” should land you to the right place!