vegan cheddar bay biscuits topped with parsley

Vegan Cheddar Bay Biscuits + VIDEO!

Soft and buttery biscuits with vegan cheese are what dreams are made of! These copycat Red Lobster biscuits taste like the real deal without all the butter and dairy.

Mmmm biscuits… need I say more?

Growing up, going to Red Lobster was a common occurrence and I always showed up for the biscuits. Give me a basket of biscuits and I’m good.

Then there’s the Bisquick kind you can make at home, which was a dinner favorite too.

So naturally, I wanted to veganize this classic cheddar bay biscuit recipe.

These biscuits taste pretty similar to the Red Lobster or Bisquick ones except there’s no milk, butter, or cheese. YES!