Camera Lenses for Food Photography -- This article breaks down the different types of lenses and my favorite for taking mouth-watering food photos! #photography #nikon #foodphotography #foodphotographytips #blogger | mindfulavocado

My Top 2 Camera Lenses for Food Photography

Getting equipment for food photography can be overwhelming, to say the least. Not to mention how expensive everything can get! Here I list my 2 favorite lenses for capturing stellar food photos!

the best camera lenses for food photography with nikon dslr camera

When I think of photography, I like to think of it as part science, part art. Yes, there is a science to operating a camera, but the results can be completely subjective. Therefore; these lenses are MY FAVORITE which may not be the same case for other photographers.

It’s important to note that you can rent camera equipment before purchasing which may be a good option since lenses can be expensive.

Now before I get into the lens, I want to take a brief moment to go over some important factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a lens.