The Ultimate Gift Guide for Foodies

Food lovers rejoice! It’s that time of year to ask for the kitchen gadgets and gizmos we’ve been eying all year. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your wish list or shopping for the food lover in your life, this list has it ALL!

I included three categories – under $50, under $100, and big ticket items ($500 or less). Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or graduations, you can find something any baker, chef, or food lover will enjoy.

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Gifts Under $50

  1. Stasher Bags – I LOVEEE my stasher bags. They are great for storing produce, but also work great as toiltry bags or any organization you wish! Stasher bags are such a practical (and eco friendly) gift.
  2. Pineapple Collaborative Olive Oil – This olive oil is SO good. I love using it to make dressings. Bonus, this company is woman-owned.
  3. Hydroflask – If you don’t have a quality reusuable water bottle, look no further. I love my hyroflask and bring it with me everywhere I go. It keeps your water cold for hours and is durable.
  4. Mary Carroll Ceramics Mug – I live in the PNW and if there’s anything we like, it’s some handmade ceramics. Mary’s mugs are gorgeous, but they sell out quick! I suggest following her on Instagram to get the latest scoop on product drops.
  5. Jacobson’s Salt Gift Set – Jacobson is a local salt company that creates unique salts. This gift set is so fun for those who like to experiment in the kitchen.
  6. Sandbox Ceramics Mug – Again, a local cermaicist that makes the most stunning, minimalist mugs. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to know when products launch.
  7. Korean Vegan Cookbook – Joanne’s photography is stunning and her recipes are incredible. This new cookbook is perfect for any vegan foodie.
  8. Smith Tea Holiday Assortment – Smith Tea is again a Portland based company, but their tea is phenominal. This holiday set is bound to get anyone’s spirits bright.
  9. Fly By Jing Chili Oil – This chili oil is amazing. I top so many dishes with it as it carries the perfect balance of flavor and heat. I want to give everyone I know this condiment!
  10. Adjustable Rolling Pin – This rolling pin comes with rings on the end to make sure you roll out any dough exact and even. It’s genius!

Gifts Under $100

  1. Zwilling Vacuum Seal Food Storage – This food storage system is amazing. They carry a variety of glass containers as well as bags. Just use the vacuum sealer to make the containers air-tight so your food stays fresh longer. They even carry wine bottle stops!
  2. Made In Chef’s Knife – Made In is one of my favorite companies. All their products are such high quality and this knife is no exception. Everyone needs a good chef’s knife in the kitchen, and this one checks all the boxes.
  3. Bodum Milk Frother – Take any cup of coffee to a new level with a milk frother! It makes any coffee taste so much better. Bonus, you can make the most decadent hot chocolate with it too!
  4. “I Love Salt” Crewneck Sweatshirt Molly Baz – Molly is a former Bon Appetit chef with the cutest aparel line. This sweatshirt is so cute and really resembles how I like to cook.
  5. Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven – A quality dutch oven is perfect for making soups. I can’t go without it!
  6. Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses – I love the clean lines and shapes of these wine glasses.
  7. Fruit Bowl Emile Henry – I love how you can separate your produce with this classic, yet modern fruit bowl. Keep your produce fresher, longer with this unique piece.
  8. Hedley and Bennett Apron – These quality apron’s are the best! Invest in one and it’ll last a lifetime.

Gifts Under $500

  1. Staub 11″ Skillet – I love that this cast iron pan is enamel-coated so you get all the great qualites of a cast iron skillet without the upkeep. Plus this color is to die for!
  2. Fellow Stag Water Kettle – This kettle has a temperature dial which is perfect for coffee and tea lovers alike.
  3. Blendtec Blender – A quality blender is a must in my kitchen. This blender purees smoothies and soups to perfection.
  4. KitchenAid Mixer – Any baker in your life swoons over a KitchenAid stand mixer. This color “matte milkshake” is my absolute favorite.
  5. Caraway Baking Set – Love all the colors of these baking sets. It’s the perfect gift for any baker!

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